How to do business in Colombia?

Colombia has commercial vocation and spirit of improvement. It counts with a trained work force willing to asume new challenges.  Bogotá aims to become a business hub for South America.

Any investor who is willing to do business in Colombia, should consider the following aspects:


  • What type of Company is more convenient?
  • What are the requirements for each type of Company?
  • Which are the control entities for each one?
  • How to register my new company?

Exchange System

  • Foreign Investment. How to do it?
  • Norms and restrictions for foreign investors.
  • What aspects do you have to consider before taking your profit home?


  • How to employ people? What do we need?
  • What types of contracts do we have?
  • How the Social Security Works?
  • Which are the Social benefits?
  • Which other costs are involve in hiring employees?
  • Can we hire foreign employees? What is required?


  • What are the tax liabilities for Foreign Investors?
  • Generalities of the Sales’ Tax
  • Consumtion?
  • Industry and Commerce Tax challenges
  • When to apply the Price Transfer Regime?
  • When the Withholding Taxes are applicable?
Financial District Usaquén

Furthermore, we should take into account all norms related to the Foreign Trade deals including taxes and import dues or how to solve conflicts during the course of our activity, before starting it. 

We are ready and have the capacity and experience to assist you during the incorporating process and to set up the Backoffice Services you may require for your new business in Colombia. (link to Our Services)

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